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 [Larry Josephson] Peabody Award Winner Larry Josephson has spent 35 years in public radio as host, producer, manager and engineer. He started the Radio Foundation in 1977 as a means to produce and distribute his work, and that of other producers.

Josephson's latest project, "What Is Judaism?" is an exploration of the essence of Judaism, its beliefs, rituals, laws and culture, in the form of a series of conversations with Rabbi Ismar Schorsch, Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Larry Josephson was the host of an infamous grumpy morning program on WBAI-FM, New York (1966-72). A series of live radio programs followed, including "The Colgate Human Comedy Hour," (KPFA, 1972-73); "Bourgeois Liberation," (WBAI 1979-84); "Modern Times," (KCRW, WNYC & American Public Radio, 1988-93); and BRIDGES: A Liberal/Conservative Dialogue, which was heard on 143 public radio stations nationwide. His work has been covered extensively by the New York Times, The New Yorker, Newsweek, Time, The New York Daily News, the Los Angeles Times, and many other publications.

Josephson is responsible for the revival of Bob & Ray after they were no longer commercial (56 half hours, 1982-present). He also co-produced the Airlie Seminars on the Art of Radio (1977, '79, '81, and '83) funded by CPB and the NEA. He holds a B.A. in Linguistics from the University of California at Berkeley, and has taught radio production at the New School and NYU. He also edited "Telling the Story, NPR's Guide to Journalism." (Kendall Hunt, 1981). He was a member of the D/I Committee of the NPR Board, which oversees the Public Radio Satellite System (1992-98).

A detailed list of credits follows.

President and Senior Producer, The Radio Foundation, Inc.

  • Host/Executive Producer, "What Is A Jew?" a conversation about the essential nature of Judaism with Rabbi Ismar Schorsch, Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. (1999- )

  • Host/Producer, BRIDGES:TM Liberal/Conservative Dialogue(1994-1999), a weekly one-hour discussion with conservatives (and liberals) on the leading topics of the day, heard on 143 stations nationwide. Funded in part by CPB.

  • Host, Modern Times with Larry Josephson (1988-1993), a two-hour weekly live talk show on 30 American Public Radio stations. 235 programs were produced on a wide range of subjects. Co-produced by KCRW, WNYC and the Radio Foundation. Funded by the NEA and the co-producers. Subject of major articles in the Los Angeles Times, New York Newsday, The New York Daily News.

  • Developed and Produced, Classic Bob & Ray, a public radio series of 26 half-hours surveying their entire career, 1946-1986. Also distributed on cassette.

  • Developed and Produced, The Bob and Ray Public Radio Show.
    (1981-86; still in distribution). 31 half-hours heard on 250 public and commercial stations. Over $100,000 in station fees collected. Peabody, Armstrong, International Radio Awards. Three Grammy nominations for cassettes made from these programs.

  • Developed and Produced, Bob & Ray: A Night of Two Stars, Live at Carnegie Hall. (1984) Two sold-out live concerts, and two audio cassettes. Grammy Nomination.

  • Co-Director, The Airlie Seminars on the Art of Radio.
    (1977, 1979, 1981, 1983). Each conference brought 200 public radio producers, reporters, editors, and executives, plus foreign broadcasters together for three days of fun and radio. Funded by CPB & the NEA.

  • Radio Producer and Creator (with Isaiah Sheffer), Bloomsday on Broadway, live marathon reading of Ulysses. (1981-91).

  • Editor, "Telling The Story," NPR's Guide to Radio Journalism (1978).

Consultant to CPB, NPR, NTIA and public radio stations on policy, fundraising, programming, development and personnel.

Radio Consultant to the Carnegie Commission on the Future of Public Broadcasting
(Carnegie II).

Host, Colgate Human Comedy Hour (KPFA, Berkeley). Live radio telephone talk show.

Host/Producer, The Little People or Think Big, a 90-minute documentary of a visit to a dwarf convention. Armstrong Award. (KPFA)
Arts Reporter/KQED-TV Newsroom (1972/73)

General Manager, WBAI-FM. Responsible for $750,000 budget (1976 dollars), 30 people, FCC, legal, systems, fundraising.

Producer, Pacifica is 25, a 90-minute documentary on the fractious history of the Pacifica Foundation.

Host, In the Beginning (WBAI). Infamous grumpy morning show. Phone calls, bagels, interviews, music. Major articles about the program in the NY Times (2 features and a review), the New Yorker, Newsweek, Time, Atlantic.

Assistant Manager, WBAI-FM. Responsible for engineering, computer systems. Supervised design and construction of $250,000 facility (1971 dollars).

Systems Analyst and Programmer, IBM Corporation (1962-66), Josephson Systems, Inc. (1985-91), and others. Micro and mainframe systems and applications development.

Panels and Committees
Committees:   NPR Board D/I Committee (1992-98)
APRS CSG Formula Committee (1975)
Peer Panels:   NEA, NTIA/EBFP, NYSCA,
Airlie Selection Committee
Advisory Panels:   NPR, CPB Radio Fund, NTIA/PTFP Screening

Education & Licenses
BA, Linguistics, University of California at Berkeley, 1973. Minor in Mathematics.
FCC First Class License and Amateur Radio License (Technician Class: ex-K6JLY)
Taught radio production at NYU, School of Visual Arts, & the New School.


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